Sunshine Monday!

Monday Attire; now chic and classy!


In all the hatred towards Monday, we forget that this day is the most important day of the week. It decides how our week will be. How we feel and what we feel designs our day and week. Yoga, meditation or workout can make us feel good, but containing that goodness is the key to happiness and a happy week 🙂


I want to make the most of a happy work/life balance. And what better day than a Monday! Start your day fresh, put on your best clothes and get ready to kick-start the week with crazy enthusiasm and awesomeness.


There is so much positivity we can pour into the universe only by feeling good. We are happy people. We are privileged. I know I am. Then why get bogged down by just a day? It is a gift, right? It is giving us a chance to do what we want to do, once again. Again and again. Then why not smile into it and make the best happen? Let’s just do it.


I love colour. I totally enjoy bright colours. Colours give you power, strength, zeal and passion. Colours keep you happy! I love my curls. I like to wave my hair around. I do what I like.

That is why I shot in this awesome bright mustard pants from Zara, which was combined with a power jacket also from Zara. Accessorized the entire look with a classy brown bag and brown shoes from Van Heusen.


Go for chic styles, prints, color blocking from the first day. Make an impression that will last for the entire week

Drape your best story everyday.. Make it happen 🙂


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