5 easy and effective sustainable living ideas that I have adopted

A lot is being spoken about the need for change in order to help our environment survive. Sustainability has become a buzzword and mostly for all the right reasons. Our choices, in terms of lifestyle and fashion are responsible for what happens to the environment.

Being a slow fashion advocate, I wanted to instill certain lifestyle changes that would help me and the environment. This one year of lockdown changed a lot of things for me and this one was the easiest. Trust me, just preaching has never helped anyone. The real change lies in practicing it. Putting below 5 easy and effective sustainable living ideas that I have adopted:

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  1. Bamboo Brush

We have all grown up using plastic toothbrushes which have caused considerable amount of harm to our eco-system. After reading certain blogs and understanding the need for change, switching one of my oldest habits was a breeze. Bamboo brushes are 100% biodegradable and the bristles are made up of charcoal.

This one was bought from Bamboo India and it is very economically priced. An easy and quick change without much thinking.

2. Cloth Bags

How often have you visited your grocery store and came back with tons of plastic? Well, we all have done that. However, switching to your own personal cloth bag is easy and stylish! I have 3-4 cloth bags which I can wash and re-use every time I step out for vegetables or groceries. We all know the amount of harm single use plastic bags can do. Why add to the mess when you can be the change?

Cloth bags are available in almost every leading ecommerce sites. This one is a gift from a friend.

3. Recycle-Upcycle-Restyle

If you have been following me on Instagram you would know how passionate I am about restyling my clothes and reusing them. During this lockdown, I realized that we wore the same pieces regularly which lead to some wear and tear. That is when I picked up my needle and thread box and started mending them. Apart from just restyling and upcycling, I started focusing on taking care of my clothes in order to help them sustain for a longer period of time.

By doing this, I don’t add to the landfills that are already choked with our fashion waste.

4. In the kitchen – Glass and Cloth

Yes, we are all fond of collecting “dubbas”(plastic containers), but they are the ones who are responsible for the accumulation of waste that will take more than 100 years to leave the planet! I have focused on ensuring that all my containers are glass. I also reuse cupcake jars, milk bottles and more. Another thing I completely discourage is the use of paper towels. I have always been a cloth user and it helps my kitchen stay clean. We all know what goes behind producing so much paper. In today’s date and time when we need to save our trees, it’s best not to encourage things that cut them.

All my glass jars are cleaned regularly and they shine and stay as good as new.

5. Chemical free- Skin and home

It is amazing to see my mirrors sparkle, everytime I spray this amazing home made cleanser. It is made of lemon peels, vinegar and water. Everytime I cut a lemon, the peel would go inside a large jar. After a few week, the jar was filled with lemon peel. All I had to do was add vinegar and let it stay for a couple of weeks. Once the liquid was set, I poured some of it in a spray bottle and added equal part water. That is all it took to switch from Colin to a natural cleanser.

I moved to coconut oil for removing make-up and nourishing my skin. This is the same oil I use for doing oil-pulling every morning.

These changes might seem very small in the beginning, however these are stepping stones towards a completely sustainable life. I had to start somewhere. If you think these changes are effective and something that you can adopt, feel free to action it immediately. Trust me they are very simple and definitely effective in the long run.

Photographs – All photographs has been planned, executed and shot by me.


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