10 fashion don’ts at work and why the saree fits your work wardrobe


In today’s world, appearance is almost everything. Whether it is a job interview or a meeting with an important client. What you are wearing is as important as how much sense you are talking. Office attire is important and confusing.

In India, we are lucky, since we have the liberty to choose between traditional attire and business casual. However, too many choices leads to greater confusion. Through this blog, I would first like to take you through 10 fashion don’ts at work.

  1. No shorts and crop tops please. Unless you are working at a very liberal organization whose culture lets you wear these to work.
  2. Crumpled shirts are a big no-no.
  3. Girls, don’t show that cleavage. They are interested in your work and nothing else.
  4. A T-shirt on a Friday might be OK. However, try and avoid it at work.
  5. Keep that flip-flops for the rains. Please don’t wear it to work.
  6. Ripped denims are NOT for work. Not even on a Friday.
  7. Prim and proper hair. Yes it is as important as your attire.
  8. Control that make-up.  Smokey eyes work well for after work parties, but not during working hours. Don’t cake yourself to work.
  9. Too much accessories can ruin an outfit whether at work or at a function. Choose simple and subtle accessories for work.
  10. Colours are beautiful. But if they are too bright and jarring, don’t wear them to work.

Now that I have cleared few fashion not-haves at work, let me tell you one thing that can be worn to work from Monday to Friday. It is a saree. Apart from your regular crisp shirt, pencil skirts, fitted trousers and dresses, a saree fits perfectly well in your work wear wardrobe.


*Wearing a Kesh saree from Plumage Boutique

A saree, when worn and carried the right way can make such a style statement. Every saree has a story to tell. You will have people coming over and starting a conversation. Everyone wants to know about it. Where you picked it up from? How much time did it take to drape? What is the material called? That is the impact of a saree. They are versatile and timeless classics.


*Wearing a Chanderi saree from Plumage Boutique

Let me give you 5 things to keep in mind while wearing a saree to work:

  1. A saree adds grace to your personality. So don’t overdo it. Choose the correct material. Cotton, tussar, kesh, cotton silk, chanderi, khadi and pure handloom are good enough examples of what can be carried to work.
  2. Choose the blouse carefully. Always remember, when you are taking your saree to work, it is considered to be formal wear. So the blouse needs to be formal. No halter neck or backless blouses please. Shirts and formal tops are rapidly replacing the traditional blouse. Jump into this and wear a shirt with a saree. It looks formal and smart.
  3. Play with prints and colours. But also know where to stop. Soft prints and mild neutral colours are perfect sarees for work.
  4. Add just one piece of accessory. Choose either a pair of earing, or a bangle or a neck piece. Don’t wear everything with a saree.
  5. Yes we all want to look good in a saree. But that can be done with minimum make up. Choose the right lip-shade, blush color and hairdo. Don’t create dramatic eyes. Keep them for weddings.


Your saree can make you a brand at work. Always create your own individual style. Experiment and invent new ways to wear a saree at work.



Sarees by: A young lady called Soniya, who owns a beautiful brand called Plumage Boutique. She loves handloom and sarees. Hop onto her page to view her entire collection.

Photographs by: Sougata Datta





  1. You are so graceful in outfits and wears a saree beautifully. It’s so true about the Dos in office where nothing replaces being well dressed at work. There are so many things which you absolutely point out as being No No.


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