The Uncrowned Princess

The Indo-Western Fusion story


Being a girl, fairy-tales have always been very close to my heart. Oh how i loved the pretty faces, their lovely houses, their dreams, the prince; but what fascinated me the most, was the princess.

How a simple girl with simple thoughts and actions turns out to be the hero of my fairy-tale. She is the star. She is the one for whom the story was written. She always was the uncrowned princess.


These stories were not just ordinary stories. They tell a lot about how ordinary can actually be extraordinary. How we can stand out of the crowd, make an impression and let that last for a lifetime. Yes we can. We are strong individuals with big dreams. All that is missing is that crown on our heads. All of us are the uncrowned princess 🙂


This thought made me shoot in a simple yet pleasing maxi dress. Maxi dresses have been a hot trend for the past few years. The best part about this trend is, you can dress it up and dress it down, as per the occassion. That thought made me create a look that spells class very subtly. I brought in a mix of Indo-Western fusion that looks attractive and can be worn at any day part. The dress and sandals were picked up from the Lil Flea in Mumbai.


Choose a look for yourself that will make you the winner of any gathering. Always keep your style individualistic and see how you can create magic. Inspire yourself to break the monotony. Write your own story. Be your own Star.



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