Girly and glam!

Fusion wear to break the monotony!


I have always taken the word “girly” as a compliment. As per me being girly has its own charm and individuality.

When a girl takes it upon her to just be herself, she can be girly. When a girl wants to speak her mind, she can be girly. When she chooses to wear her colour, she can be girly. Being girly does not mean she cannot be strong and take on the world. She can do all that with charm, pride and class. And that for me is commendable.


When this same girl decides to put on her glamorous best, she stands out to be unique and distinct. This is how she breaks that monotony. This is how she stands against being labelled. It is not always about pink and flowers. There are so many elements that she is made of. It comes out as a reflection of that.

We all have such lovely uniqueness which just needs to come out. Sometimes it is important to show what we are made of. It is important for a certain few to know that you are beyond what they have termed you as.


This post brings out a fusion of carrying a relaxed dress with accessories that stand out. The dress is adorned with dangling pearl earings and a girly butterfly ring on the finger. The shoes are the current on trend strap ons. I also used my neck piece as an anklet to just look cool 😉 What really made me happy is the way the earings (which has an Indian style to it) blended with the dress. The idea was to glam up a simple dress into something that will make heads turn. Sometimes it is nice to allow the add ons to take control. It creates a very beautiful effect. 


I hope you will like the look and try it out soon 🙂


Dress: Zara

Footwear: Westside

Earings: Flyrobe

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