Street style Swag


After living in Mumbai for over 5 years, I believe each and everyone who told me “once you live in Mumbai, you cannot live in any other city.” How true is that? Today, when I sit on my couch and think about the last 5 years, beautiful memories flash by. This city has given me so much. Professionally and personally. This city has made me grow and grow beautifully!

I am sure the professional rant is not required neither is the depth in my personal growth :p Will keep that for another post. Apart from Bollywood and the Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai breathes fashion. It is not your run off the mill fashion, neither your Bollywood bling. It is personal style. Pure casual style.


Look around the city and you will find fashion pouring out of every corner. A casual jeans and tee to college, simple and crisp salwar suit to work, shorts and tank for a friends day out, girly and bling for that perfect date! I have seen it all in this city.

This shoot is dedicated to casual style of Mumbai.

I did not have to do much. Chose to wear a currently on trend shirt dress from Vero Moda. They were teamed with sandals from Forever21 and the awesome cool retro sunnies from Forever21. A shirt dress itself is a style statement, adding anything to it can just take that away from it. If you want, you can surely add some layers to a shirt dress. A long cape can look chic too!


Like I always say, make each day count. Look your best and feel your best. You are precious and that is enough to get through a bad day as well. So go ahead gorgeous, flaunt that style with ease 🙂




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